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Originally Posted by marcel b View Post
cool for the intake which am quite confident that it will arrive. I am not that sure about the LSD though, or against what price and if they will offer on for all the available versions. (non welded / welded / auto / manual / DCT) I cannot imagine every dealer would be trained to installed a LSD, so I guess they would just swap the pumpkin... that however would be very expensive. Curious though
They already have high-priced items like the BMW Performance seats so a higher price wouldn't be unusual for them Also, if you look at realoem and match with Tischer you will notice that the M3 LSD (pumpkin included) is not that expensive ($2200 or so). This compares favorably with a Quaife + pumpkin.

As for the intake, I wonder what the design is...if I were to speculate, I would say they have a bigger carbon-fiber airbox with bigger air tract from the grille to airbox. I am not sure if they would go with dual cones inside the airbox.