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Originally Posted by Castel View Post

Glad to hear that everything worked out! No need for $$, just glad I could help. Let us know how you like it know that everything is in correctly!
Had my car for 2 1/2 weeks now - spent the first 2 weeks driving it with the stock shifter = Great Love the car - Still trying to get over that I now have a 335i 6spd manual

Spent the last 3 days driving it with the new BMW SSK for the 335i mounted backwards - Love the shift but was not liking the way everything sits to the right.

Spent the first day driving home with the True BMW SSK for the 335i installed correctly. All I can say is - I LOVE MY BIMMER.

Shifting is so much fun - I was taking all the side roads that I could find just so I could grind through the gears - Everything was smooth and the car pulled hard but being it's still my new baby - I never took the rpms past 5-5.5k

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