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Originally Posted by Juggs View Post

and again, since you are so mature and "superior" why dont you explain how hiding their faces does not sympathize with the molestors / the accused. Also you should try to not to get so defensive

ok how about a breakdown for you whats going to happen to these people,

they will be taken to a police station and charged with attempt to commit indecent acts against a minon

IF they are convicted, to elaborate on the if, as i mentioned it was brought up that sometimes the decoys continually contacted the people on the show going as far as ASKING them to come over or commit sexual acts, a good lawyer would have a FIELD DAY with this, and it becomes a good possibility that a pedo that would otherwise become a registered sex offender would get off totally free

so IF they were to get convicted they would have their pictures taken registered as sex offenders, probably see less than a year in jail time if any

and after being nationally humiliated on the show they will instead of emerging from all this never wanting to do w/e it is they wanted to do with a child again, there going to come out more disturbed, very angry, and most likely violent

someone on this show will probably come out paranoid think that everyones watching him (this is the part about how showing their face could be counterproductive), he isnt going to stop after that, instead hes going to become much more carefull making him harder to catch, his activites will probably escalate and he will become a greater danger

the reason the sex offender database was created was because these people, even after being caught multiple times CONTINUE their activities

furthermore, online stings conducted by law enforcement are probably one of the more effective ways of catching these people, after seeing this there not going to stop, there going to be 10x more cautious making it that much harder for them to be locked away, either that or their going to go to their local playground with some candy

and as i said the one good thing that does come out of this show is raising awareness, but thats NOT the point of the show, their point is to create drama to entertain people, their methods are outside the law, and counterproductive to a solution

a computer is one of the few places a parent can have COMPLETE control and supervision over their kids which is why i say the real aim of the show needs to change its aim to raising awareness where it will be able to make a REAL difference

oh and if you need more of an explanation than that you truly are an idiot