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Red face Awesome post Stressdoc

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
225Ms rock. 19" tires are big $ though. I want the ProCede first.
Loved your ED post so much I want to do it too. Only problem is negotiating a fair price. Here is my first quote. IMO not something didn't ring right. Not sure what, but gut feeling is watch out. You did ED so, you might be able to tell me better if this sounds off.

335 Coupe
Base - 40,600
sp gray - 450
sport - 1000
step - 1275
paddles - 100
Prem - 2450
Nav - 2100
Heated Seats- 500
Destination 695
Ipod adoptor - 0
State Sales Tax - 6%
Total 49,195 - sale price 48,720 ED

Lease - $7000 down $600/ month 12000 miles/yr 36 months residual $26000
Purchase $21000 down $600/month 60 months.

Hmmm?????? Somehow It just didn't ring right so I walk away to *sleep over it* I don't like BS and haggling. I will buy from the guy who makes me feel at home. BMW quality is suspect and the damn car is expensive as hell, so it makes sense to be sure it is really what you want.

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