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Originally Posted by LEDZEP View Post
Dude, better to stay quiet and have people think you are an idiot, than to use your keyboard and remove all doubt. No one has any idea what you're talking about.
I could be as juvenile as you and make inane quotes I pulled from the web. "Opinions are like assholes- everybody has one, but I don't want to hear about yours".
I was refraining from reading this thread because of rude posters but I got really bored today and decided to look in. I have to ask, where the heck are you coming from? I wasn't even talking to you and you call me an idiot.
I guess the attitude isn't a regional thing only.
If you don't know what I'm talking about then just ignore my post, easy enough. No need to throw in your rude opinion. Be very careful when calling someone an idiot, especially if you know nothing about them.

Anyway, back on track. It sounds like no matter which BMW option you get for the iPod or other mass storage device, the control via our head units is what's lacking. Besides the ridiculous cost associated with the parts and install.
If it wasn't so firmly integrated in the car I would have taken the HU(Head unit, just in case not everybody knows the acronym) out and installed the Pioneer deck I had in my last car. The ipod interface with that system was great. It had a dial on it that functioned almost as well as the ipod click wheel and it allowed you to dial down, i.e. artist then album then track, instead of the flat setup BMW is favoring.
Until they get that part of it corrected, I personally won't be buying any adapters.
I'd rather leave my ipod in the arm rest console hooked up via line out.
The only negative is openening the console to change tracks/pause but I've thought about getting a little remote for that.