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Originally Posted by gjdavies View Post
Haven't you figured out yet that this is exactly what the interface gives you? Full control via head unit/idrive to scroll through playlists/songs/albums/artists.

As for the cost, well, the phrase 'You have to pay to play' springs to mind.
That's the thing, the ipod adapter doesn't sound like "full" control to me. I realize that you have basic selection through the head unit like album/artist/playlist, but from reviews it sounds like it's a "flat" system. Meaning that if you select artist you can only listen to all songs by that artist instead of being able to select a specific album or song by that artist.
Example: on my ipod it's faster for me to select Artist-Audioslave then Album-Revelations than it is to scroll through all my albums to find that specific one.
It's not a huge issue but to me it makes the BMW ipod adapter even less value for the money. I'm all for paying for what I get but I don't overpay for things either.

Originally Posted by LEDZEP
Obviously not.
Did it take you a long time to come up with that reply? Why bother posting if you're going to waste space like that. To save space when viewing threads I guess I'll have to put LEDZEP on my ignore list.