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Originally Posted by brocken View Post
Did it take you a long time to come up with that reply? Why bother posting if you're going to waste space like that. To save space when viewing threads I guess I'll have to put LEDZEP on my ignore list.
Yes, by all means please put me on your ignore list. You're an annoying ass. I'm sure you have genuine interest and curiosity about the 6FL option, but you do not express yourself very well. You are continuously asking the same questions after other members have answered them, and you don't seem to pay any attention to the responses. You also don't seem to "get it" that no one has this system yet and BMW has released very little information about it.

My reply, incidentally, was to another poster and not to you. If you want to argue and bicker back and forth, I'm all for it but I'd rather see this thread stay on topic. You should also know that you'd be bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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