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Originally Posted by None=ToBMW View Post
Kuni may be more aggorant, but their service dept is hands down a much better experience than all I have been to. And why do you go back to the dealership after you buy? To hang out and chill with the salesmen? No, You go to get work and maintenence done on your car, that is what matters the most! If you like getting your butt powdered for a day and don't think you'll ever need to do maintenence on your car, go to Rass. My experience with the sales staff at Kuni was pretty damn good.
I have many of our clients that simply stop by to say “hello” and hang out in my office. We hear all the time that if we just had cocktails it'd be their favorite place to hang out!

Have you ever been to our BMW Center? I'd love to spend some time giving you a tour and showing you what we're all about here at Rasmussen.

Oh and spell check is your friend.