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Originally Posted by None=ToBMW View Post
I'm sure you guy's are just peachy to hang out with. I just don't want to wait longer than the upcoming weekend to get my car in for service. A dealership who is chatty with me only because they made a profit off of my car purchase doesn't sound like my favorite place to hang out, again just me. This kind of sucks that you have to monitor the forums for people like me.
It doesn't matter to me where you bought your car. It doesn't sound like you've been to see us yet either; I have clients who have yet to buy a car from me and I simply know from when I worked in our service department.

Did you miss the part in the last post where I offered you a tour and to spend some of my time with you? The offer is still good to you or anyone else on this forum.

We invite you to come experience what we call the "Rasmussen Difference"; why don't you take me up on it?