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Originally Posted by JoeyFiasco View Post
guess it was time to retire the RR unit. haven't noticed any leaking on mine yet. what are your thoughts on the BSH and AR OCC's? I know you went with BSH, but why did you.
I was hesitant to replace my Riss too because I didn't want to spend more time on a mod already on my car, but I got tired of seeing the glaze on it. I now know it is a cheap piece and you can get this job done in under an hour, so it is worth the peace of mind. I am glad I just don't have to worry about it anymore.

I went with the BSH for a few reasons. I like metal filtrate catch cans very much because they are simple and are basically immune to oil clogging. The BSH can has CNC billet aluminum connectors which are very nice. The billet aluminum dipstick is awesome for checking the oil level! Finally, the location is ideal for me because I don't want to move my boost cannister and I have the STETT CAI on the driver's side.

I am sure AR's product is great because they don't make bad products to be honest.

Good guesses cn555ic! You know me well.