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Originally Posted by vivekk View Post
He certainly is your man, Nathan.

The MF Paul is amongst the best in the UK for professional e9x modding- no doubt there.

Where else can you get the following:

his highly acclaimed 'Red line slipper' mod (he will use his own 'modified' Copydex to permanently attach your favourite right-foot slipper onto the accelerator- 2-3 hours work minimum & the cost will reflect that)

the 'Push your seat so far forward, there's nowt else you can do, but redline' mod (he will basically clamp the driver's seat into the furthest possible forward position, lever the backrest so that it looks 'ok', the combination of which will force you to always redline the car, whether it be in a forward or reverse gear- 3 hours of work, most of which will involve moving the passenger seat into various non-required positions)

& his newest mod so far- the ' foo if da short shift comes off in ma hand....a modz a mod innit' mod (evidence suggests that several self-proclaimed 'modders' have had their short-shift gear sticks come off in their left hand, at the most inappropriate moment- I suppose it wouldn't happen if you were right-handed?!

I hope my above comment puts the MF's comment into some perspective!

I thought all the Spanners were back in their box?

No mod has ever come off in my hand! What you've heard is obviously amateurs installing incorrectly.

I'm a mod professional, why do you think they called me the ModFather?