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Originally Posted by stimpy View Post
Thank you very much for the official pictures Jason!

The car looks good but I feel the modded ones we have running around on the forums look better. The mirrors on each side are hideously large and no fogs is a bummer.

The diffuser looks good and the tail lights are pure sex! Looking forward to seeing it in person.

I can see your side...I used to feel that way..but honestly fog lights don't really perform that much better than the head lights. I would only turn on my fog lights because a car with more lights looked was simply an aesthetic thing. I like the look of the deleted lights in favor of the added cooling. As for the side mirrors they probably look “normal” in black along with the other black highlights but its the fact that they are black and not the color of the body paint is what makes them look huge, like mickey mouse ears. I bet on a black 335is the mirrors would not look so large.

The tail lights are nice but I find the headlights much more impressive when it comes to the lighting updates. The angel eyes are pure white instead of the older off white yellowish color, the corner turn signals are clear when they are not illuminated and they have a cool design with those individual LED divots, and there is this gorgeous opaque eye brow which looks great! Rather than adding an eyebrow its kinda cool that its integrated into the light unit.