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Kudos to Jason for the pictures!

The 335is in my oppinion is far better than a 335i, the only 1up the 335i MIGHT have over the 335is is that they have the new N55 engine. The N54 with dual turbo is still a proven engine but that 7 speed DCT is very titilating. All that black trim looks so good instead of the ugly, gaudy, blinggy chrome. The 335is has a clean, sleek, elegant look that makes people stop and stair without shinny things saying “HAY, HERE LOOK AT ME!”

The reason I love this 335is is because BMW recognized the amount of tuner enthusiast out there and instead of just saying they wanted to provide a tuner car for the bimmer fans they delived! I used to like all the chrome on a car.....back when I was 19...but at 26 my tastes have changed, matured, I love the cleaner subtle look the 335is offers. The black grille, window trim, side mirrors, the sport body kit, dual sports exhaust, sleek simple sports wheel, dual turbo, DCT, and countless more juicy treasures. Other than an aftermarket spoiler I might just keep this a strictly BMW parts car and add some items from BMW Performance.

The extra badges don’t bother me that much, the interior trim I wasnt fond of when I first saw it when the first pictures were released but grown on me and compared to the wood grain glossy interior the clean sport look is much better suited. Hints of carbon fiber are nice but I would not want any carbon firber for interior trim. This is probably a special edition that probably will not be around for long, a few years, which is why I decided to custom order one fully loaded with 7 speed. And because the 335is is a special tuner aimed car I decided to go with a white exterior and a red interior kind of harkens back to those BMW tuner days of the 80’s. Three months till delivery are going to be a bitch. I was going to order a 335i two years ago but for some reason decided to wait a year or two, I am happy I did.