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Originally Posted by Silverstone View Post
Not feeling the the front at all...

and the Diffuser looks too Toy-ish. What is going on with BMW ? they messed this one up...

I think the front looks fine, I like the jagged shapes along the bottom of the front bumper where the fog lights would have been. The previous 335i front was too toyish and round, the lines flowed to easily, now the bumper is a little chopped up. I think it looks better than the M3 front.

How did BMW mess it up? The problem with bogs is people post a quick sentence and thats it, give some specific reasons why you don't like it, you can't just say it looks toyish. I liked it so much I ordered one!

C'mon peep I want to debate....the 335is is a fantastic car, I am happy they came out with this model because there were too many things I would want to change if I were to buy a 335i...the 335is satisfies that sportier look without all that nasty chrome.