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Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post

Just so I have this right in my head:

1. The cable looms shown above are in the sills (in the tread plate area) of the car

2. To see what is shown in pciture 2 above you just unravel that fabric tape that's around the bulge in the loom?

3. Those rubber/plastic joints just pull off to expose the 3 separate wires?

1. Yes. As I said in my description, on the drivers side, it was mid way along the door arpeture, on the passenger side, it was right at the front of the door arpeture, probably because this side of the car is much "busier" with wiring.

You can feel along the loom to where you feel a bulge then peel a little tape away until you see the blue thing. If it is not there, just put the tape back and move along a bit. . .

They are not really under the tread plate. The looms run along the inside of the sill, behind the carpet which is vertical and goes up into the sill cover. Remove the sill cover and you can see it. To get working access to it, you need to remove the sill cover, the kick panel cover, the seat (tilt back) and the sub grille. You can then move the carpet back enough to get decent access to work with it all.

2. Exactly. BMW have even been kind enough to give each of the three wires a bit of slack, so when you undo the tape, you can pull the plastic cover and three wires away from the main loom and work with it all.

3. Almost. When you pull the plastic cover off the three wires are sort of "fused" together somehow. I think it is simply a very strong clamp which has crushed them together. You can simply peel each one away with a bit of force, do that twice and you are left with three seperate wires. I then had the radio running and touched each wire together with another so I could work out what one was the head unit signal, what was the sub and what was the mid. I then labelled them with my coloured tape and did the same for the other polarity.

There are obviously two of these blue connectors for each side. + and -. I think I posted up the colour code in my initial post so you know what ones are + and -.

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