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Originally Posted by klipseracer View Post
So, can I put a custom sensor in my intake piping somewhere? Where would/should I put this sensor at?

With our CMGS even alot of factory air temp sensors can be intregated into the CMGS. I dont know how the factory air temp sensor works on the BMW, but if its a 0-5V and you know what temp the air is at high voltage you can do a lineriazation and set the cmgs to display it. You can even add air temp into your injection map and inject based on boost and use an air temp correction.

I have maybe 2 or 3 air temp sensors left, when they are gone I cant get these any more. they display air temps on the CMGS, there are a handful of customers doing that with the cmgs right now.

The sensor would go into your intake piping. I would personally put it just after the IC. You can do it post meth injector. We have some 2 ways switches, some customers like to to go pre and post injection as well.[

Just some ideas.