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Haven't been as frequent a visitor as I used to as the 320d has been sidelined by my 924 Turbo. Its been dyno'd a few weeks ago at 158bhp at the wheels which ain't bad for a 30 year old. I have fitted a MOMO wheel. Removed a lot of the heavy under carpet insulation, rear seat and rear wiper.

Picked it up today from EMC Motorsport with new GAZ Gold coilovers and a brake refurb with new discs and Mintex race pads.


Lower and harder than I was expecting but only what you could expect from an outfit that prep race cars. I can adjust the damping off a little and lift the car if need be but it was set up as a road/track compromise. Its not as low nor firm as a race car but too far for many tastes. The brakes are now spot on with plenty of bite and feel. All in I am happy. Money spent is way more than many would deem appropriate on this age/value car but I can pick and choose how I spend my cash. Its not my daily drive so I am not going to suffer too much in the back dept.

It has been corner weighed, measured and aligned and drives round corners on rails. It is bang on 50/50 weight in all directions.

Here's some quick picks in the dry spell before getting home.