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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
The temps listed above for various brake fluids appear correct and they work as advertised in my experience. There is similar/same data on various websites. Use whatever brake fluid makes you happy but I would not make broad based disparaging comments about BMW brake fluid or Castrol LMA without objective test data to support your opinion.
Hmm, where do you see me saying anything about Castrol LMA? I am only speaking to what I have experience with.
According to the temps listed above, the OEM fluid has the lowest boiling point of the fluids mentioned here (SuperBlue, Motul 600, SRF). How is that not objective data supporting my opinion?

My issues with the stock fluid definitely stemmed from track use, but we're talking about an annual fluid flush with $25 worth of fluid (if you use SuperBlue, or $50 if you use Motul 600). Like I mentioned, I regard that as very cheap insurance even on a street car worth thousands of dollars. I don't know what kind of emergency stop I might need it for.

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