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Originally Posted by GreenPlease View Post
Hey guys, I've got a bit of a project in the works part of which involved doing a matte silver paint job Unfortunately, my body shop has me a little weary about the durability of such a finish so I'm considering a vehicle wrap instead.

So, for those of you who have wrapped your car (or just part of your car like the roof or window trim)
-are you happy with it?
-how much did it cost to wrap your whole vehicle?
-how's it holding up?
-how and how often do you care for it?
-can you tell it's vinyl or does it look like paint?
-how long did the install take?

Thanks in advance

I've done alot of vinyl work on many cars. My car and many others. I do mostly small details, but have done stripes, parts of trunks, mirrors, etc. I am happy with the wrap. With vinyl, install is everything. If the install is done poorly, it will look like crap. I did my window trim 2 yrs ago and it is still perfect. Make sure to use a high quality vinyl. All the vinyl ive used has held up. Just make sure to correctly prep and clean the surface first. My matte stripes are perfect still after 4 months. I wash it whenever I can. I have gone 2 months without cleaning it, and once washed looks brand new. Maintenance is easier than paint, just be careful not to scratch the vinyl if it is not laminated with a top layer (cast vinyl). Many people have thought my stripes are paint because there are no seams and the install was done very meticulously. If done correctly, it is hard to tell the difference. To the trained eye, a difference can be seen. My window trim took a few hours simply because I am a perfectionist. My stripes took also a few hours because I was a perfectionist in making sure it was perfectly centered, had no seams, and the stripes themselves were perfectly cut. I also had many small details like around the sharkfin, and how I left the dovetail exposed on my trunk. The most important thing to look for in an installer is once who guarantees against no knife or razor marks. Many shops aren't careful with their cutting and cut up all over the car, leaving scratches. I know a shop that does this even though their shop is constantly filled with exotics and they are said to be "the best in the business". Make sure they take care of your car in that aspect. Premier films, for example, guarantees against razor marks and things like that. A wrap install should take a few days and would range from 2-3k pending on the installer and choice of materials, and complexity and size of the car.
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