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Originally Posted by Angry3 View Post
Pride of ownership? As if owning a depreciating asset is something to be proud of, lol. Lots of people that understand the benefits of leasing are just fine having the only set of keys to a car that BMWFS owns, myself included.

That pride of ownership comes with the responsibility of ownership as well. If the car is wrecked or tanks in value and is worth less than the balloon, you're writing a check out of pocket for the difference. And the payments are going to be considerably higher and/or for a longer terms.

Maybe someday we'll be able to have a thread relating to leasing without all the drivel about how "stupid" it is.

Modding a leased car is fine as long as it can be easily reverted back to stock and you're willing to do so at the end of the term. Just consider all the factors and do the math before you do so.
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