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My own enhanced Air intake MOD (N54)

So, here it is after a bit of playing and pondering. I looked at the Dinan and another DIY intake that was done recently, both of these use an additional filter and flow the air in "after" the stock air filter. I thought I would go for a different version without needing to use another air filter. Since I use an after market replacement air filter (Streamline Helene) and we all know the standard airbox is still fitted to cars with 400BHP+ so can't be too bad in design to start with.

I decided to leave everything after the air filter as it stands as I did not want to introduce and air turbulance on the engine side of the filter, when the current box flows well already.

The rest I will show in pictures for you all

I am fitting a small pipe as a "vent" tomorrow to stop water being drawn up if I drove through VERY deep water, which will face the front so as not to draw in hot air.

I have test driven today and 2nd gear upwards does feel stronger, so I'm pleased with it.

My approach was just to get more cold air in and reduce the resistance of "sucking" for the engine to get air

Also, in picture no.5 you can see where I cut the plastic strut out from infront of my Forge FMIC using a "wire saw" for about $3. It only took 15 mins too including the time to remove and refit the grill.

Any thoughts from any of you ?
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