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Dyno 3-25 maps - whp tapers off after ~5000 rpm..

Went for a dyno yesterday and didn't do as well as I thought...I've had cold start misfire issues on cyl 2 for a few weeks and now for the past 4 days weather has warmed up and the cold start misfire doesn't happen could it just disappear with warmer weather? We're almost positive its the injector and I'm going in on Tuesday morning to try to get it replaced but NOW that its not happening anymore I really think they'll just ignore it and tell me to come back when the codes are back

In any case, considering there's nothing obvious wrong with the car now, why would this power taper happen 5000rpm onwards when it should still keep going up to about 5600? I've lost about 40-45 whp and about 15-20 wtq from my best previous run...the only difference is now I was using 91 octane and then i was using 94, and that was on procede V2...

I'm pretty sure its not the tune as another member on here dynoed the same numbers with just procede and intake...I tried contacting Shiv a few times but I think he's busy with the latest good stuff so don't blame him

I don't get why the curve isn't smooth as well...notice that second hump at around 5100?? after that it goes down...could this be attributed to an injector that only used to show faultiness on cold start and not under WOT?

Here's a little service history on the car:

1) Plugs changed 2 weeks ago, same issue happened before
2) Cold start misfire on cyl 2 was happening for a few weeks, diagnosed as faulty injector by an independent shop, hoping dealer will fix on Tuesday but since no codes now, most likely not..
3) About 20K ago, vanos solenoids changed at the dealer as they were causing codes at high rpms

Mods are stg 3 catless, no meth or nitrous..
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