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Need to reset key fob or replace battery?

Hi, my fiance's 2006 BMW 325i won't start when I we push the start button, and the engine doesn't even try to turn. I'm really not sure what to do, and I'd hate to have it towed to the dealership if I don't have to.

Some lights on the dashboard display come on, most prominently a symbol of a key. Lights in the car do come on.

I thought that maybe the battery needed a jump and tried that, but there is really no change. A few more lights on the dashboard light up schizophrenically, such as a symbol of a car, but without the pedestal that signifies needing maintenance.

My fiance seems to think that the keys need to be reset - that she had to do that once before. But both of her two keys do not work, so that doesn't seem to make sense to me. However, it also doesn't quite seem like the battery is dead either.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Or suggestions for me to try out to identify the problem? Thanks.