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Additional notes on DYI

Thanks for the DIY... I just finished it myself and thought I would add a few details...

First of all there are no fasteners to be removed to lift out the wood (or alum) trim center console top. Really all of the components snap out (and back in).

If you have the idrive, the knob pulls off (yes just pull it straight up and it will come off)

When you remove the trim on the lid door … Do not remove the wood from the plastic support piece. There are two ramped depression areas on either side of the door that a flat head screw drive slides down into use them to get the lift action started and move toward the center of the part. There are about 5 undercut snaps to release as you make your way across. Remember to pry under the plastic that the trim material is attached too. I learned this the hard way and had to re-swage the rivet type fasteners back to that underlayment plastic part as a result. I do not recommend this as it could be damaged such to warrant replacement… I got lucky.

It really is a great mod and I recommend it to anyone that is a non smoker (or a smoker that care enough not to smoke in the car). Especially since there is very little storage in the car to speak of.
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