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Originally Posted by chiefsotos View Post
Completely pointless mod. You just ruined your stock air box. You should expect some gains if you followed the Mr 5 custom intake, but with this, there is no change of getting any better flow.

If I was already running 400BHP I woud argee the air box is already at it's limits, but I am not at that level yet and a bit of extra cold air being "forced" in can only be a +. Also it does feel better.

I understand there are better options out there, but this does work for my car which runs just below 350BHP before I did this. I will be back on the Dyno soon.

Also the airbox has not been touched at all. I purchassed a new intake plenum to "play" with and it was only 37 ($53) so I can go back to "stock" easilly.

When I got the new Intake plenum I noticed it is not sealed very well and leaks all over the place, so I sealed all the leaks.....maybe this helped the performance...whatever it was though my car is better now.
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