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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
BMW Individual can do such a personalized car. But they can not put to the BMW M3 BMW Performance Seats in M style and with M logo, Alcantara/Novillo combination, wrap dashbord and top of door panels and make Alcantara headliner.
Yeah I agree. The M3 has great characteristics and personality but it is lacking in physical features, it doesn't feel complete such as the seats above, M pedals from **********, better looking calipers especially the rear one that doesn't look wimpy, and something that looks like an after market diffuser such as the VRS II. In a way, The M3 is like bare basic performance without too much cosmetic appeal to me or if you like to mod aftermarket. The S5 and c63 P31 that my friends have look more complete yet hinder in performance.
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