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Unhappy Help! Ignition VOODOO

In the mornings, the only way to get my '08 335i auto to turn over is to CRUSH the brake pedal AS HARD AS I CAN. If I take pressure off the brake-pedal the car will just crank and never turn over, or if it does turn over, it'll rev up and down and eventually fail and end up in low-power mode. Only if I CRUSH the brake pedal, will the car start.

I took it to BMW and they said it sounded like a "bad high-pressure pump" but, once they took it in the back, they said it "was because an after-market exhaust" and wouldn't fix it...

I HAD an eisenmann exhaust, but took it off and welded the stock back on long before I took it to BMW. So this prob is happening with the stock catbacks. I also have a SSTT installed, but always pop it out when it's at the dealers....

Thanks for the help!