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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
I dunno about less weight. My 135 went in on stock weight, im 6'6 250 plus had about 20-30lbs of crap in the car. Lap tops, meth kit, clothes, tools just incase the car needs to get towed know the usual "oh shit it broke" items you might need.

keep in mind this was a m10 nozzle with 100 percent vpm1 methanol. No mix.
I have a 3 series, so thats 200 lbs right there. I leave my crap in the car too. Still you are trapping over 4mph than me with the same exact mods besides the nozzle size and i run 80/20. You inspired me to buy a m10 nozzle (just purchased one) and run 100% meth next time.
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