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2006 330xi  [3.22]
3M Di-NOC Roof Wrap (Image Intensive)

Hey guys I decided to wrap my roof with 3M Di-NOC CF vinyl. I did the install myself. I have never worked with vinyl, it was my first time. There were a few problems I ran into...I'll explain between pictures. I DO NOT recommend this as a DIY. It wasn't too hard but very tedious. It is best to get it professionally done. I had to cut my vinyl in 2'll see in the pics. I got a 4' x 5' roll from for $139 shipped, including 2 squeegees and a 2" x 2" sample of white vinyl (I was going to wrap my splitters but the color is too white).

Here's my original thread in the General Section, which was moved to Cosmetic Section (My bad):

Here's a rough outline to the steps I took:

1) Took off the side rails and cleaned all the dirt under them. They just pop up. Start from the back. I also cleaned under all the seals (Explained later) and around the sunroof area. Put quarters in the sunroof rails to keep the wind deflector down. Pic of the quarter trick can be found in my original thread.
2) Removed the shark fin. I used my school ID, lol, to cut the adhesive. It probably would have helped to heat it first but wedging the card in worked fine. Took about 30, careful minutes
3) Clay bar. The car was already washed.
4) Laid the vinyl down and then after applying it to the roof, I started doing the edges (side rail area, sunroof).
5) Cut the front and rear vinyl just over the seals and tucked them under.
6) Wrapped the shark fin. What a bitch.
7) Reconnected the shark fin wires and applied 3M double sided tape.
8) Reinstalled the side rails. Just pushed them down, back into place.

First picture is in my apt's parking garage...I just love showing off those angel eyes!

The following pictures were taken at Belmont Plateau just outside of Center City, Philly.
The defect you see on the driver's side is not a bubble. It is marring left by using too much heat. Explained more below.

The shark fin antenna was the hardest part of the install for me. I end up cutting the vinyl after 3 attempts. At some point I may get it professionally wrapped but it came out decent. You can barely see the lines. I tried to keep the lines on top but I had to cut along the right edge. You can also see the 3M double sided tape I used. The white foam is very noticeable. I'll be using black caulk around it to hide/seal it so no water can get in.

Here's the worst part of my install. I had about a 1/8" bubble I couldn't shrink/stretch out so I had to cut it after many failed attempts. The line I cut is behind that marring you see. Not too noticeable but because I know it's there it kills me. Also because I tried to shrink it too much, you can see the marring left by the heat.


I cut the vinyl just over the seals so I could tuck it under. I didn't have to worry about damaging my paint nor getting the line perfect.

Front Driver's Side

Rear Driver's Side

This is just a picture I took after going to the gym. This color (of the e36) is my favorite and I just had to take a picture.


Some more pictures on top of my parking garage.

All in all, I am pretty happy with the result. I saved myself about $250-$300 by doing it myself. I'm a student so money is tight. That's why I tried it. Again NOT a DIY.

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