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Just Received my Stett CAI ... sans instructions

The FedEx guy just came with with Stett CAI. Overall, I'm pleased with the craftsmanship of the parts, but I did not receive any type of documentation. No packaging list, no instructions, etc.

Here's a picture of what I received...

I'm assuming this was simply an oversight, as the following picture from this DIY clearly illustrates that documentation does exist...

Does anyone know if the installation instructions are available online? Granted, at this point it's not really necessary, as the aforementioned DIY pretty much explains it all, but I'd just like to know everything that's stated in the installation guide.

Also, I'm interested to know what all of these vacuum hoses are for. I have five (2 large and 3 small). I realize they may have something to do with rerouting the brake booster, but the DIY seems to indicate this is "only cosmetic"

Originally Posted by DIY
At this point, you can relocate the brake booster line with the supplied hoses from STETT. Since this is optional and only cosmetic, I will not get extensively into it.
I'm confused as to how it could be cosmetic. I guess this is where the instruction manual comes into play.

Thanks in advance for your help.