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Originally Posted by ZiM View Post
hi peeps

just running some insurance quotes through elephant and adding my wife on...

the figure with me and my wife is 888 - add on the fact that my wife got an SP30 4 years ago (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and it goes up to 998!?!?!

now, the initial fine was 60 quid, fair enough - 36 in a 30

but every year we get done over for a load more and this is the worst yet, unfortunately, this is by far the best quote over other companies so i'm with them either way, but 110 quid is daylight robbery, it was 4 years ago for christs sake!

is this normal?
I think the insurance guys are getting REALLY complicated these days.

I have 3 points - about 2 years old.

My wifes insurance cost actually DECREASED when she added me as a named driver.