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Originally Posted by ZiM View Post
hi peeps

just running some insurance quotes through elephant and adding my wife on...

the figure with me and my wife is £888 - add on the fact that my wife got an SP30 4 years ago (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and it goes up to 998!?!?!

now, the initial fine was 60 quid, fair enough - 36 in a 30

but every year we get done over for a load more and this is the worst yet, unfortunately, this is by far the best quote over other companies so i'm with them either way, but 110 quid is daylight robbery, it was 4 years ago for christs sake!

is this normal?
In my experience, one advantage of getting married was a lower car insurance for me!
(Yes- we could go into that possibly being one of the few advantages, but that's another thread entirely, ok!)

I'm with esure & my current insurance, including my wife as a named driver, is £360- that's for my 330i SE saloon.
The quote was £390 for me alone & I have no points & 8 years no claims.

She had an SP30 (3 points) for the first year I got the insurance, & the cost was still lower than for me alone!
She has 10 years no claims.

For the 2nd year, the cost was lower than the first!

She has just re-newed her own car insurance with Sheila's Wheels (which is actually a subsidiary of esure & Halifax) & she saved £25 by adding me as a named driver.
The additional cost for her (having the 3 points- 3rd year) was £4!

We are also both over 35- the wife says 'only just', for her!

So I suggest you shop around- perhaps your quote is significantly affected by you & your wife's claims history / address / job / mileage / age(s) ?

Elephant also do not include all of the main insurers & will not cover all applicants under the exact same conditions.
After watching the Churchill ads, I looked at their quote in comparison to esure- it was about £300 more expensive! (That dog can go & f*ck himself, I thought! )

My wife suggests you try & properly change your requirements to suit your circumstances.

She also suggests you change your car, if you can't get any lower! (She has a little Daewoo & pays less than £200!)

One more thing- every time I've had a renewal document sent out, it has been cheaper renewing online, as a new customer, & cancelling my current policy.

All the best.

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