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Rambling,"Review", Road Trip. Long Pointless post

Hey. i took my first real road trip in the new car yesterday, and feel compelled to talk about it.
Myself and 2 friends took a trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando for an underground hip hop show(Atmosphere/Blueprint/P.O.S.).
It was way sweet. It was about 260 miles away. We left at 5:30. Got up There at 8ish. The car and navigation handeled perfectly. It was a relatively easy route, but it still did a great job of predicted time and etc.
The way back i did basically 100 the whole way. The car,my foot, and my overall attitude couldnt be ANY happier at 100 mph. I got it up to 119ish twice. but i pyschologically couldnt hit that 120 mark. haha. it goes from 100-110 pretty easy. getting it to 115-119 took a lot of nerv and a little bit of hesitation from the car. but even at 119 it felt amazing.
I know a lot of you guys are like me, and work real hard, thats why you can afford your bmw, and thats why you can justify spending the kinda money we do...... take a road trip. really enjoy your car. i got to use soooo many of our features that you dont normally get to use with regular everday driving. Like the navigation, and all of its little sub-features,Automatic windshield wipers are so much more convineint when you can set it once and not worry about them for 2.5 hours. Heated seats help a little bit even in florida when you have been sitting in the same seat for 2 hours....
All in all, it was a great trip. Got home at 4:30 in the morning. The front of my car is COVERED in bugs, but there is a hurricane hitting us tomorrow, so im not paying to get it detailed today.
The show was great too. It was in downton orlando. which is one of my favorite downtowns in the whole country behind chicago and philly. It was one show in the "anti pop music festival" so there was like 100 other shows going on at every other bar and venue in town. i didnt care to see any of them, but it made for a huge gathering of people. We had vegan cupcakes and vegan hot dogs at the vegan hot dog cart which is amazing. Atmosphere played for an hour and a half, which you never see anymore. He played half his set with a full live band, which is amazing, and the other half with just his dj and hype man. Im sure no one on here listens to underground hip hop. But he is on tour with Ant now, which has been making his beats for ever, but has never ever toured before, and he has crescent moon from the oddjobs doing hype again, which is amazing cause that guy is soo talented.
The show was outside which sucked because we have a hurricane on its way, so it drizzled almost the whole night, which didnt bother me, but it did start raiing a little bit harder in the middle.
I have been rambling for a while. so im done. any questions or comments are welcome.
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