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Originally Posted by MikeLogan View Post
Bump. Curious if DeFKnoL had any luck with exploring more of the QNX partitions after you mirrored the drive.
I have put this on the back burner. But my last status was that I attempted to mount the actual drive (not the mirrored one) and got the exact same results. I even put the mirrored drive into the car and it worked flawlessly so I am confident that using dd did indeed produce a perfect copy (as I expected).

I searched around for a driver for this filesystem with no luck. I even downloaded QNX and tried mounting it under tha and still got the same results. I tried all of the Wind River demos that I could with still no results.

My only assumption at this point is that BMW is using a proprietary format on these drives. Likely, the OS is in a chip in the CIC and it just knows how to read the data on the drives without even doing a conventional mount. I guess it would take some hardcore reverse engineering (beyond my current expertise) to read the data off this thing.