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Just picked up my 4th new BMW (Luck lad). This time a E90 320i E Sport Business - Got the business edition as it was only a grand extra, and included leather. Well I was going to have leather anyway, and it was a 1,025 option, so it really was a no brainer to go for the Business one and get SatNav thrown in.

When I order it the dearler was having a promotion, 5 yrs servicing FOC, so I got that, then BMW gave me 1000 towards the options I ordered, so that was the Business edition paid for. So, been quite lucky really.

Anyway, got it with a sun roof, auto box, and lumbar support. Those sports seats killed my back in my e45. Still cost me an arm and a leg though, but you can't take it with you, so I might as well blow it on something I really want, wish I could have got more, but money is the decider, if you want new.

Took just over a month from order to delivery. Last one was on order for three months, just shows how things have changed.

Anyway, keep up the good work.