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Originally Posted by MarcusCatterall View Post
Anyone had the oem connector installed, experiences?
I had it fitted about a month ago at my dealer. Can't remember the exact cost but it was about 350 i think (had a scratch painted at the same time so my total was higher).

I was unimpressed at first (especially as the install disabled my bluetooth and I had to take it back to get that fixed) but I'm really warming to it now. It took me a while to suss out how to navigate through everything but it is second nature now. I found it confusing initially because of the way it handles items 'above' tracks in the hierarchy such as playlists and albums which is totally different to the Alpine kit I had in my last car.

Someone asked about can use way more than 6. I only use it with an 8 gig nano so I don't know if it would cope with a loaded 80gig - navigating that much music in a car is a pain however you do it.

The most annoying thing is not the fault of the iPod connector, but the stereo itself - as with mp3 CDs, the currently playing track title does not update. I cannot fathom why it was designed like this - surely it would be very easy to reprogram it to always display the current track.