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Originally Posted by E92Fan View Post
I've done multiple trips to the 'Ring - the original Stage 1 turbos were tested with a flash-based tune, and the Stage 2 has been tested predominantly with the Procede. I have also run the Stage 2 turbos on a flashed ECU for about 500 miles but that was only in the running-in procedure.

The auto transmission has held up perfectly on my car. No issues at all, and that's with a huge amount of very hardcore 'Ring driving as other members will testify to. It's worth doing a gearbox oil change though, just to enhance the life of the 'box. I'm also currently working on fabricating a proper metal sump pan with cooling fins to replace the standard plastic sump tray on the gearbox. That'll take a while, perhaps another month, but it'll definitely be worth it.

I think you'll have great results with the RB solution - will be interesting to see how the JB3 works with it as I have no direct experience of that product. I'm a relative Procede newbie as well for that matter!
thanks for your input.
let me say for all us n54 guys out there that it is really incredible how much you pushed that 335 of yours !!
i know you spent mucho $$$$. we are all salivating

my guess is that (with no rob beck hick ups), i will the the RB turbos installed in my car within 6 weeks or so.
i do not think you are a 1/4 mile guy and you probably do not have before and after dynos of your stage 2 turbo setup but:
roughly speaking do you know how much whp you added ?
... or can you subjectively say that you got about 20% more power across the board ??

i will probably mod and push my motor as much as you - but the suspension work you did is incredible.
but due to low clearance issues here in south america - i cannot and will not do any suspension work on my daily driven 335.

lastly: thanks for your info re my VK OC.
if you can get me a part number for a better (interchangeable) serab core i will definitely change out the VK OC core.
... and when my larger turbos are in i will probably add the AR OC as a second OC unit ! i cannot wait for all this.

cheers and have fun you dog !

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