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Anyone tring to do this mod, if you want the cf trim to be symetric on the front/back doors or in the coupes back trims, you will need two yards of the material and not one yard like this DIY says.

i did this yesterday thinking i only needed one yard as i went by this DIY and had to end up buying two more.

the reason for this is that the weave in the fabric only goes one way therefore, for the door trim, for one side the fabric must be cut horizontally and for the other side vertically so that the pattern aligns.

i was able to wrap the whole trim with one yard except the driver's door trim, which must look symetric with the passenger's door trim. since the fabric is cut in a 55"x36"(1yard) it wont allow you to cut for that piece, hence why you need the 55"x72"(2yard). i just spent an extra $76 just for that little mistake.