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Insurance for E92

OK, so everytime I use one of the internet car insurance forms, it searchs through its database and doesn't seem to acknowledge the existance of the 325i SE coupe auto., directline, sainsbury's - won't let me insure my car! The data base includes the manual but not the auto.

I phoned my current insurer - Sainsbury's - and amazingly the extra premium over my current car (Mercedes C200 auto) is only 43 (so 380 in total - albeit the extra premium is for just 8 months until the expiry of the existing policy. Yet the BMW costs 10k more, has a more powerful engine, is a coupe rather than a saloon and, dare I say it, BMW owners have a reputation for errrrr being more aggressive than us chilled out Mercedes owners. The 43 also includes a 15 'admin fee' for the change of car on the existing policy so the underlying increase is very little.

Anyone else experienced the same problems in using the web to source insurance for an E92 auto? I am wondering if the Sainsbury's call centre picked the right car - only the paper work will tell!

I pick up the new car in 2 weeks - yipee!

325i SE coupe auto
Sparkling graphite
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Heated seats
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