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Originally Posted by Johnny Lin View Post
Sorry for your bad experiences with 360, but most ppl here had a pretty good experiences and received a great deal with 360. The owner of the 360 Autobody is really a great guy. Lots local forum members go to 360 now for their modification and repairing. 360 also has the CHEAPEST deal in the area as far as I kw. I been to 6 different well known body shops before I was settle with 360.

For 360, they are awesome with body work, paint jobs and wheels repair, but not with mechanic. Besides the springs and suspention, they actually does a pretty good jobs on all my buddies's cars and NONE beatable price.

Just curious, so you just signed up here to made these posts on all the 360 threads?? And then to made some referral?????? It sounds more like you are from the Showcase Collision Specialists. Caz you just signed up here and the only 3 posts that you had are all complaining about 360 with referral??? Sorry, I didnt mean anything.
Holy shit you are the man!