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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
I agree, but the problem is, they won't go after the business (much) as those companies lobby and pay BIG money to turn a blind eye.
It was laughable that they busted WalMart for hiring lots of illegals (and probably thousands for years and years) and they "fine" WalMart $1 million dollars.
That would be like us regular people getting a .10 (yes 10 cents) fine.
It was laughable. It was a "stunt" to show, "see we bust corporations".
Since then, companies stepped up their pay offs and companies being raided and busted for hiring illegals dropped drastically (to practically nothing for the past 5 years.
Well, then how else do you stop them? You can't just arrest every illegal alien that comes here. Also, you can't send every one of them back. Because they will still come here for a job. If they went after Smithfield or Conagra, and hit them where it hurt, you would see a LOT less illegal immigration to the US.

Conversely the cost of your food would go up DRAMATICALLY. People want to yell and cry about illegal immigration, but people also tend to forget that these aren't people coming in taking the top end jobs. These are people working in shit jobs, literally. And most likely getting paid illegal wages too. I really doubt Smithfield Foods pays their illegal alien labor minimum wage. It's probably much less.