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Ty Vil

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Ty, now that my 330i is out of warranty I might need a new one.
Im looking at Audi S5 / new E550 cabrio. But I love the new 5 series.
When do you guys plan on getting one? I would like to take a look at it. Also, any info on new upcoming vehicles by BMW? I want a damn coupe/cabrio that is bigger than 3 series. Audi S5 is on my list just because of the LEDs.
The new 5 should be here next month. Shoot me an email today ( with all your contact info and I'll call you to come see it when my demos get here. I drove the Audi - it's a nice car but I wouldn't buy it for the headlights. The new angel eyes in the 3 coupe/vert are pretty slick.

There's always the 6?