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Originally Posted by arisemedia View Post
Just a fair warning to anyone attempting to do this. Although this seems to be an easy DIY, it's not.

The potential of f'king up your bumper is rather high, all at the cost of having painted reflectors instead of real ones.

Anyone else have any tips? I'm done hacking away at the adhesive for now.
Did you use a hair dryer and attempt to heat up the adhesive..? Once you get it started it becomes much easier to work the reflector the rest of the way.

Here's a link to another DIY explaining the "Goo Gone" method. As others in this thread have indicated, Goo Gone should be safe to use, just know that any exterior surface that you apply it to will have to be re-waxed. I've used Goo Gone in other applications and it works well. If it were me, I'd still use the hairdryer to heat up the area and soften the adhesive.

Not sure what else to suggest, it's definitely not worth messing up your bumper if you can't get the reflector to budge.
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