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Originally Posted by Juan.sidarta View Post
Look at Singapore and how advanced it is! It is still a third world country.. =)
Hooo BOY!!! Where do I start...
Do you realize how stupid you just made yourself sound? For someone from Indonesia to bash on Taiwan or Singapore is hilarious. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Please do yourself a favor and have the DECENCY of looking up your neighboring country and how it ranks in the world compared to yours. And after that, look up Taiwan and how it compares to yours. Both countries are way ahead of you in terms of development and GDP and other various financial statistics.

Now... I realize you could be rich because otherwise you wouldn't be on a BMW forum but that still doesn't make your judgement any more ignorant. Your computer is probably made in Taiwan. Your cell phone is probably made in Taiwan. China has taken over a lot of our market share (solely due to cheap labor) but we consistently produce stuff that doesn't get thrown out every five God damn minutes.

Being occupied by Japan for a period of time has brought their engineering ethos to our electronics. Ever heard of HTC mobiles (prolly not because of your ignorance... Sorry I forgot)? On par with iPhones and other gadgetries on the market.

This is not national pride stepping in. This is an issue about how you fail to understand what a third world country truely is.

/end rant

Finally... Back to the supercharger. This looks very promising. I might give them a ring when I head back home for summer break. I've always been more inclined to a supercharger after seeing the G-Power SKII M3 with that gorgeous orange intake manifold.
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