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Pardon me for my ignorance about Taiwan being a third-world. I was stuck on information ages back. But, ignorance for one part does not directly infer ignorance of another. I'm well aware of the factors of production, and the marginal cost to each product produced, along with the quality of certain goods. It is as ignorant of u to claim that all Taiwanese products are consistently made in high quality. And although Taiwan has a relatively low labor cost, it is clearly not lower than Indonesia's, as statistic shows clearly that on average factory workers in Taiwan earn an approximate figure of 1,200USD a month in comparisn to IDN 700USD which isn't a comparison at all. On technical terms, the countries GDP does vary a lot, and through it the GNI and GDP/capita does reflect an individual's quality of life, which clearly shows that IDN is poorer, but that was not the question, neither an answer or anything, nor does it attempt to prove anything, as we are not comparing who is poorer.

Anyhow, let's not jack this thread and discuss pointless arguments.
And to those of u who feel offended, I sincerely apologize. My main point was that I personally wouldn't trust that company solely because we are dealing with a European car. But if anyone wanna prove me wrong and try this out, then I'd like to see some data