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Originally Posted by Juan.sidarta View Post
this shouldn't be a problem, should it? I mean, the thing that is changed is the manifold and the ECU. But I dnt think there should be much difference in hp gains..
intake won't really do too much besides sound and easier RPM climb, and maybe a bit more low end torque. but this is still noticeable.

actual hp gains are prob somewhere between 3-6 hp from an intake, although some claim 10 hp like the injen, but i don't remember if this is actual, and i have heard that there is also some loss at a certain RPM.

( i have bmw perf intake FWIW. )

and this MOD would 100% NOT be affected by different intakes or exhausts, except for perhaps helping in power gains. so there won't be any problems springing up from varying set-ups.