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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Why else do they come here? For disneyland? Our amazing weather? If it's social services they want, wouldn't Canada be a better place for that? It's to make $$$, they come for the almighty dollar.
Ok so if we magically close off jobs to illegals, you think they'll stop coming across the border?

Even without jobs, their situation would take a lot longer to reach a point where they'd feel "better off" back at home in Mexico. There'll be a point of equilibrium, which we would be well above for a while, even after the jobs are cut off. Of course, this is all speculation, and it would be impossible to predict, but I don't think cutting off the jobs will put a halt to the issue, although I do believe it's possible that its net effects would be incredibly negative for everyone.

But, again, it's all speculation.