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Originally Posted by SteveF1 View Post
Just out of interest how much did it cost you for the 19" 225s?

I have the M Sport 17 inchers and am currently looking at getting new tyres for it. However, i've started to think the current cars wheels are a bit on the small side and liked the 225s but don't want to spend BMW prices on them.

Also worried bout getting used wheels off Ebay cause these 225s were the ones that suffered structural failures and cracked and don't want to pay for wheels that have cracked and been refurbed.
I got them from ebay last summer - from a tyre place that had taken them in part ex - they came with the RFTs, that were already showing some signs of rear inner edge wear, but good tread. I've got about 8k miles out of them since then, so not too bad. I stalked the auction and got them for under 700 even though there was quite a bit of interest - all wheels had very minor scuffs that had been refurbed with some body filler & rattle cans (! - hardly a perfect finish be looks OK from 6 yards away, and not something that was going to bother me - you can't notice in the pictures for instance). I was well aware of the 225 cracking issue at the time I bought them and confirmed with the seller that they had no cracks before bidding - the seller confirmed this.

I then checked this was the case on collection, and would have walked if not the case (OK to do as they would have been misdescribed in the advert/dialogue so my commitment to buy would have been broken). It is pretty obvious if they are cracked, or even repaired, as in the latter case the original factory finish will almost certainly not be present (look at an OEM wheel on the inside to see what I mean - its not a glossy finish on the inside like it is on the face of the wheel). My wheels were as described, scuffing abit worse than expected, but basically no fiundamental problems. So - you can buy from ebay but you do have to manage the risks.

I was relieved to still find no cracks in mine last week, so hopefully my alloys will have a long life now they will get some non-RFT rubber and a more cushioned, less impact shock driven time on our pot holed roads.

I like the 17" M Sport wheels by the way - prefer them to the 18"s if I'm honest. The 19"s do look good though.

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