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Now that the BMW Gran Coupe has made it's debut in Beijing and the praise comes forth regarding it's design , but also questions about the Concept itself.

In the last few months , BMW have just recently approved the car and green lit it for production , as there is standard model that can be completely finished within a short time frame , the car shown was indeed a design concept with no interior or mechanicals. When the car makes it's European debut again as a Concept at the Paris Autoshow in October the car will showcase more features and functionality.

It will also feature an interior as the car will pre-empt the launch of the all new BMW 6er Coupe towards the close of the year.
Aswell as a Four Door Gran Coupe , BMW have also designed and built a proposal as a Shooting Brake with a sloping Coupe roof presenting a split hatch. The Shooting Brake has been commissioned as a design model to evaluate the feasibility of adding such a model to the 6er family as the luxury segment seeks new concepts for customers who need more use from their cars.

The interior for the Gran Coupe will bring new ideas and creativity into a car's interior especially a BMW. Conventional approaches can be applied to interior trims but there is a greater need for a more unconventional stylish look for new concepts , such ideas involve glass , copper and even stone finish for controls and switchgear taking the idea from the Ceramic options with the new 7er.

Wood is a stylish way to integrate some luxury into your product , but it has become regular in a car. A new approach is to use premium fabrics in door cappings which involves a spread of this fabric stretched and then sort of laminated with a clear coating , A combination of leather and fabric for the seats in the passenger compartment can be applied to other areas of the car such as the steering wheel boss , for example the rim could be in leather with wooden inserts but the centre could be in fabric.

If you look at BMW's collaboration with Kvadrat on the Gran Turismo you can see how BMW want to collaborate with new ideas to interior design, If you look at Kvadrat's web site and what they offer you can see why BMW intend to collaborate with such companies to add a new feel of premium texture and color to it's future interior concepts.