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This is one of the very few times I have truly loved a car's design. This Gran Coupe is just stunning. Of course the question is whether it will actually enter production and how much of this styling will be retained. As much as this looks production ready, concepts and the production cars are often significantly different and lose some of that eroticism.

My first thought however, was that the this is what the 5er should have looked like. I think BMW fell short with the 5er design, and this Grand Coupe front would have made the new 5er look perfect. And since the 5er is by far and away a bigger seller and profit maker for BMW I think this was a mistake. If this GC makes it to production it won't sell in significant numbers to really matter to BMW's bottom line, however if the new 5er looked like this...they would have stolen even more market share from Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

If this GC does come to market and looks just like this...then I will certainly be driving one.